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5 Bad Modern Habits You’re Doing Every day

bad habits
( July 4, 2019 )

1- Fast Food

Because of our fast daily routine, finding a good time to enjoy a healthy meal has become an impossible mission, so, we tend to consuming fast food in large amounts.

But, what you don’t know is that fast food is as harmful as smoking and Drugs!

2- Lack Of Sleep

Due to over work or pressure at work, we tend to stay late to finish what is left.

You should know that sleeping late is very dangerous to your health and you should avoid that asap.

3- Feeling Lonely

Now, everyone is on social media, looking at their phones and never meet real people as before, so, we feel like we’re more lonely as we never been before.

4- Sitting At Home

Don’t sit on your home laying at your couch all day!

  • Go outside, meet real people and increase your social network.
  • Go to the Gym.
  • Practice any kind of activity you enjoy.

Just, don’t sit at your Home all day.

5- Over Consuming of analgetics

Lead to serious diseases in the long term like kidney and liver diseases, So, avoid that as much as possible

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